Bursary Students


SAICRA is proud to support future leaders through our bursary. Our CEO and Chairman recently awarded bursaries to three deserving students. This initiative underscores our commitment to education and industry excellence.

Student Profiles

Zenazi Faith Ncedo

BSc Environmental and Water Science at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

Zenazi is a 21-year-old recipient from Bloekombos, Kraaifontein. Se comes from a household of five, where her mother is a sole provider that earns R2 500 a month, working as a senior handyman.

She is registered for her 2nd year in BSc Environmental and water science at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) . She aspires to be an environmental analyst on the engineering of new processes side of things.

“I am studying BSc Environmental and water science, an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of the environment, particularly with an emphasis on water resources, quality, and management. This interdisciplinary program typically combines elements of biology, chemistry, geology, hydrology, ecology, and environmental science to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the natural systems related to water and the environment. As interesting as it sounds it is not easy. I’ve fallen a lot of times however I am able to recover, fallen into self-doubt and lost motivation to continue studying, however I’m on a journey of recovering myself physically and mentally. for my future. I have been thinking into transitioning to environmental engineering because I discovered this course requires. me to be in the office but I like the field more, the thought is not fixed yet, I’m still considering.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the support that you generously awarded me. It is an honor to be selected as a recipient, and I am deeply appreciative of your support and investment in my education. Receiving this bursary is not just a financial relief, but also a source of motivation and encouragement for me. It reassures me that my dedication and hard work have been recognized, and it inspires me to continue striving for excellence in my academic pursuits. I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and ensuring that your investment in my education bears fruit.”

Zeta Smith

Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

Zeta Smith is a 22-year-old from Drakenstein, Paarl. She is from a family of four, that is headed by her mother, a single parent who is self-employed and generates an income of R4 000 a month.

Zeta is enrolled at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), studying towards her Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management.

“I chose this advanced diploma (degree) to further my studies within the Environmental Management field. By furthering my studies, it would increase my chances of getting a job at City of Cape Town. I intend to complete my Advanced Diploma next year and apply at City of Cape Town because it has always been a dream of mine to work for an organization who believes in sustainability and a clear environment.”

Sinalo Kama

Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

Sinalo Kama, is a 24-year-old male student. His home is at Lower Cross Road in Phillipi East, Cape Town. He shares a home with a guardian who does earns an income of R3 881.63 a month.

Sinalo has graduated with a Diploma in Environmental Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in 2023. He is currently studying towards his Advance Diploma in Environmental Management. Sinalo is a consistent performer, obtaining distinctions in his courses throughout his studies.

“I registered for Diploma in Environmental Management to acquire Skills and knowledge that will enable me to assess, manage, Monitor and mitigate negative environmental impacts caused by human activities and natural processes. After I have Completed I want to be an Environmental my Assessment Practitioner or an Environmental Management Inspector.”


L to R,  Raj Lochan (SAICRA CEO),Zeta Smith, Zenazi Faith Ncedo, Sinalo Kama, Chocky Moodley (SAICRA Chairman)

L to R,  Zenazi Faith Ncedo, Sinalo Kama, Zeta Smith, Busi Maqubela (ASSET CEO), Raj Lochan (SAICRA CEO), Chocky Moodley (SAICRA Chairman), Charnel Young  (ASSET)